WARNING! If You're Using A 'big name' 3rd Party Email Platform

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7 Figure Marketer Reveals The SECRET Software He Built For His OWN Business To Increase Email Open Rates, Get More Clicks, And Stop Paying Monthly Fees For Email Services... FOREVER!

( This will save you thousands of dollars, countless hours of wasted time, and a lot of frustration! )

Using Mail It exclusively, Brett has already made an average of $862.32 per day JUST in affiliate commissions and bonuses!

..and has increased his income by 25% from when he was using a 'big name' autoresponder!

Hi there.

Brett Rutecky here with my partner, Mike from Maine.

As you may know, Mike and I both send out a lot of emails in our online businesses...

It doesn't matter what anyone says, email is still the BEST way to get your message out to people, build relationships, and ultimately make sales online.

When I first started online, I used MailChimp.

After all, they have a free plan, and I wasn't looking to spend a lot of money in the beginning.

Of course it wasn't long and I got this email...

" What!? "

I didn't do anything wrong... I wasn't spamming, my subscribers were happy, and I was "playing by the rules."

They let me know I was no longer able to send emails, and that was that.

Done and done.

I went from being in business to completely
losing my business overnight.

I had ZERO control because I was relying on a 3rd party for the most important action in my business... sending emails.

Unfortunately, if you're an online marketer and you can't send emails... You're OUT OF BUSINESS!

Luckily, I had backed up my subscribers, so I moved over to Aweber...

I took my subscriber list and imported... it was easy enough.

But, after importing my subscribers, Aweber filtered out 30% of the emails!

Although that's a lot of subscribers lost, at least I could go back to sending emails and growing my online business.

Things were going "OK" with Aweber...

No red flags.
My business was growing.
People were opening my emails.
And I was making money again.

In the beginning with Aweber, I was seeing 20%+ open rates, on average, and my click through rates were awesome at 10%+

Complaint rates were virtually non-existent...

Bounce rates were low...

My subscribers were happy...

I was happy...
I was making money and life was GREAT!

Everything was going just as it should, until...
I woke up one morning and...

Emails Were Bouncing All Over The Place

" It's as if EVERYTHING had changed overnight. "

Open rates decreased.
Click rates decreased.
So, what did I do?
I talked to Aweber to ask them what I did wrong here.
Their response...
Aweber's Response:

"Nothing! You didn't do anything wrong... A spammer on our system caused a decrease in deliverability system-wide, and we will get it fixed."

The unethical actions of someone else was affecting my business
(and the businesses of many other Aweber users)...

That's NOT right!

I Was Losing Money Because Of
Something Bad Someone Else Did...

Over time, the bounce rate got better, but my open rates still suffered substantially...

Remember when I said was getting WELL OVER 2,000 opens per email sent out?

Now, I was only getting 1,100 - 1,200 opens per email.

That's a big decrease, and it made me feel guilty...

I thought I was losing touch with my list...

I thought my business was dying a slow, painful death, and that I wasn't giving my subscribers what they needed... What they had signed up for.

I called Aweber again just to see what exactly was going on...

They told me yet again...

The Problem Was Not Me...

This time, they said it was on their end due to having blacklisted IPs from a spammer sending out a bunch of bad emails.

Things never really got better, and I realized if I didn't do something soon, I would be out of business.

After a couple of months... I was fed up and DONE!

Here's the BIG lesson I learned from all this...

A Multi-User Platform Is NOT The Right Way To Run A Long-Term, Viable Business...

You have NO control.
The actions of someone else can jeopardize your business.

That's not fair to you or your subscribers...

I soon realized, if you want something done right, you must do it yourself...

( Luckily I'm skilled at creating high-quality software that works... )

I started working on my own, self-hosted mailing plug-in...

I wanted something that I could use in my own business and also offer to others with the same issues that I've had to deal with.

It took me 6 months to develop and fully test this system...
And after extensive testing, I felt like I FINALLY had something I could use for my own business... AND also offer to our customers (who are having a lot of the same problems with email deliverability)...

I decided to put all my chips on the table...

I DELETED my entire Aweber list and began using

this plugin for my ENTIRE online business.

It worked so well, Mike and I agreed that we couldn't keep this to ourselves much longer...

We get emails all the time from subscribers and students asking how they can improve their delivery rates.

THIS Is The Answer To That Question...
Here's What Happened When I Started Using Mail It:
Emails Sent: 9,840

Opens: 2,085

Open Rate: 21%

No clickable link in this particular email...

Remember... This was the same list I was using with Aweber and getting about HALF the results...

Here's Another Email Sent With Mail It...

Emails Sent: 9,638

Opens: 2,011

Open Rate: 21%

Click Rate: 10%

And Another...

Emails Sent: 10,476

Opens: 1,994

Open Rate: 19%

Click Rate: 9%

MUCH BETTER Than The 10-12% Open Rates I Was Getting Before...

Emails Sent: 11,131

Opens: 2,626

Open Rate: 24%

( I can keep showing you examples like this over and over again
but you get the idea...

With Mail It...
Delivery rates are consistently higher than what I was getting with 3rd party email services like Aweber
Bounce rates are MUCH LOWER than before
Overall clicks and profits from email have INCREASED!
( over $22,000 earned in affiliate commissions through email marketing in just 19 days with every single email sent via the MailIt plugin )

" That All Sounds Great, But What About Issues With Self-Hosted Email Services? "

If you've ever looked into self-hosted options for sending email, you've probably heard that you'll have major problems if you go that route...

In fact, there are a couple of BIG myths that are often spread about self-hosted email...

Myth #1 - Your Email Delivery Rates Will Drop

This is FALSE!

As you can see, I've consistently INCREASED my email delivery when I fired my 3rd party email service provider...

Myth #2 - Your IP Address Is Going To Get Banned Or Blacklisted

Also 100% WRONG!

As long as you send good emails to people that opted-in, you're not spamming people, and you're using a system that sends email in the proper format...

...you will have NO issues with your sender reputation.

Look At My Sender Reputation After Sending Thousands Of Emails With Mail It...

A perfect sender score is 100, anything over 80 is considered good. My IP / Domain is near perfect with a 99 out of 100 sender score even though I'm rated as a 'high volume' sender!

Not only that but MailIt creates and sends emails in a way that the ISP's LOVE.

Check out the Mail-Tester.com rating of an actual marketing email that was sent to my subscribers.

Once again a near perfect score. In fact this one is so close to perfect that they still call it perfect. This rating is also higher than emails sent by many of the the 'big name' autoresponders!

The Mail It Plugin Gives You
FULL Control Of Your Online Business...

YOU choose what subscribers you upload into the system
YOU choose when you send emails
YOU choose how many emails you want to send (there are no limits)
YOU choose what's in the emails that you send...
YOU never have to worry about a 3rd party company crippling your business and costing you money... ever again!

Take A Look At What You Get With Mail It:

Mail It is a Wordpress plug-in that's easy to setup and use... ANYONE, regardless of technical background or experience, can be up and running in a matter of minutes... Send emails with your own site or use an SMTP relay (Such as Amazon, G-Mail, SendGrid and more) if you choose. Import your lists without restrictions... There's no one to tell you which subscribers you can and cannot upload - It's your business and you can upload any lists you wish with a click of your mouse There's also no limit to the amount of lists that you upload... With Mail It, upload unlimited lists into the software and start mailing! When you import lists, invalid emails are automatically filtered out, maximizing your delivery rates and saving you time from having to manually "scrub" your lists Send as many emails as you want... anytime you want. If you haven't caught on yet, there are NO limits with Mail It :) Send one-time email "broadcasts" or set up a autoresponder message that automatically sends when a new person subscribes Mail It is SPF - DKIM, and Can SPAM compliant so you don't have to worry about running afoul of any of the major emailing rules and regulations out there With the click of your mouse, you can get all of the most important email stats to run your business... things like open rate, click rate, spam complaints and bounce rate are all tracked inside of Mail It Want to send formatted HTML emails? No problem... You can do that with Mail It! You even get access to a powerful WYSIWYG message creator if you don't want to mess with complicated HTML code... Your subscribers can easily unsubscribe with a single click... there are no hoops for them to jump through if they want off your list... this GREATLY reduces SPAM complaints and protects your send reputation... Built in send throttling to ensure your complaint with ANY hosting Clean the bad emails from your list with a single click with our simple "list cleaning" feature And of course, Mail It would not be complete without the ability to create unlimited opt-in forms in just seconds... Mail It integrates with Brett's Profit Canvas AND Affiliate Trax software to save you time and make your online marketing business unstoppable... And, you get access to "step by step" tutorials to make it easy for you to get started

Self-Hosted Email With Mail It Is Simple...

You don't need to be a "technical wizard" to get results with this...

If you can point and click your mouse, you can use Mail It.

This software was intentionally created to be extremely user-friendly, and with the included step-by-step tutorials, getting started is easy...

Look What Mail It Users Are Saying...

I am a Beta tester for this.. AND it works for me! Really ROCKS in Fact.. NO MORE Aweber, Get Response or MailChimp for me! So brain-dead simple to install and use... Even an Internet Marketer could use it ( LOL ! :) )
- Michael Rytter


- Gil Baller

We're beta testers for MailIt WP Plugin! We don't have words to say T H A N K Y O U to Brett Rutecky.. the developer of this "AMAZING" software! This software resolved a HUGE PROBLEM that we had.. to upload our list to a web based autoresponder site like GetResponse!! FINALLY with Mailit WO plugin "WE'RE IN BUSINESS"!
- Costas Mary

I've been using it for some time, lightly. I just recently tried sending mail to my entire small list and liked the results. 39% open on one email then 27% on another.
- Phillip Lopez

Finally, a product that does exactly what it says it will do!! I'm lucky enough to see the different stages that the plugin is going through while in development. By the end, I think we will have a robust plugin that will help us to deliver our emails in a more efficient way. More importantly, knowing Brett for some time now, he will always be tweaking and adding new features as we go, to make it eventually a leading tool for email marketing. The greatest thing about Brett's product, in my opinion, is the support: You can always buy his products with complete confidence as you know that he will always be there to support you by contacting him directly, through the product dashboard or through his Facebook groups.
- Kami llmane

Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Business?

Then you need the Mail It plug-in...

Not only will you get better results in your business and make MORE money (because people are actually getting your emails)... You'll SAVE hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year based on your list size.

If you're using 3rd party mailing services like Aweber or GetResponse, you pay them monthly based on the size of your total list...

Here's Aweber's Current Pricing :
0-500 Subscribers - $19 Per Month

501-2,500 Subscribers - $29 Per Month

2,501-5,000 Subscribers - $49 Per Month

5,001-10,000 Subscribers - $69 Per Month

10,001-25,000 Subscribers - $149 Per Month

And it just goes up from there...

GetResponse Is
NOT Much Better...
0-1,000 Subscribers - $15 Per Month

1,001-2,500 Subscribers - $25 Per Month

2,501-5,000 Subscribers - $45 Per Month

5,001-10,000 Subscribers - $65 Per Month

10,001-25,000 Subscribers - $145 Per Month

25,000+ Subscribers -
You'll have to spend several hundred dollars per month!

Now Look At Mail It's Pricing...

No Charge Per Subscriber
No Restrictions Or Limitations On Usage
No Monthly Fees EVER!
YOU choose what's in the emails that you send...

Lock-In A Massive Discount On Mail It And Pay A Small, One-Time Investment Of Just...

(Yes, that's it)
It would be really easy to charge several hundred dollars for this powerful plug-in, and you'd still save money over other 3rd party options...

But, when you say "yes" to Mail It right now, you'll lock-in a big discount for LIFETIME ACCESS to this powerful mailing plug-in.

WARNING! The special pricing is only locked-in during the 3-day special launch period. After that, the price WILL increase. Don't wait... Get Mail It today and take back control of your business!

When You Get Mail It Today, You Get These Money-Making Bonuses For FREE! You can even use these as 'give aways' to build your list!
Test-Drive MailIt For A
Full 14 Days On Our Dime...

We understand that making the switch to a self-hosted email service may be a little different than what you're currently doing...

Of course, we also know that once you see a MASSIVE increase in opens and start making more money from your existing subscriber list, you'll be hooked!

That's why we're going to give you 14 days to test Mail It for yourself...

Lock-in your discount on the plug-in
Use the easy-to-follow videos to get everything up and running in just a few minutes
Then, decide if this is for you...

We're pretty sure once you start using Mail It, you won't want to go back to those "other guys," but if you decide it's not for you... for any reason... Just let us know and we'll send you a refund.

We don't want anything to hold you back from getting your hands on this.
Click The Button Below To Take Back Control Of Your Online Business...
Remember - The price on Mail It is going up. Don't wait and come back later to find yourself spending more money... Get your hands on Mail It - Today!

We can't wait to see you on the inside!

- Brett Rutecky & Mike from Maine

P.S. - We've put together some of the most frequently asked questions about Mail It below...

Frequently Asked Questions
What exactly is Mail It?

Mail It is a self-hosted mailing Wordpress plugin that provides improved delivery and open rates to what you will get with 3rd party email services like Aweber, GetResponse, and many others.

With a self-hosted mailing service you have complete control of who you send emails to, when you send emails, and how you send emails.

Isn't self-hosted email complicated?

Mail It was intentionally created to be as user-friendly as possible. We've also included step-by-step video tutorials that make it easy to get started... even if you don't have any prior experience with self-hosted mailing services.

What about delivery rates? I've heard self-hosted email delivery rates drop...

This is FALSE. Brett, the person who developed MailIt, personally uses it in his own 7 figure marketing business and delivery rates have increased.

How long will it take me to get up and running?

You can be up-and-running in a matter of minutes when you follow our simple tutorials.

Are there restrictions on what lists and subscribers I can upload?

No restrictions. You choose what lists and subscribers you upload into Mail It.

Is this CAN SPAM compliant?

Yes, it sure is. We also have a one-click unsubscribe feature that is user-friendly and helps to greatly reduce complaints.

Are there any monthly fees?

Not right now. You can get Mail It for a low, one-time investment when you say "yes" today. Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars (depending on your list size) when compared with 3rd party email providers.

Is there a guarantee?

Yes. You get a 14 days to give Mail It a try and make sure it's for you.

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